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Lesson Planning: How To Design An Effective Curriculum


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Lesson Planning: How To Design An Effective Curriculum

By: Vince Welsh


Lesson planning is an important component of education and the everyday function of a classroom. It is vital to the learning of your students. A strongly structured lesson plan can reach and engage the toughest students while challenging the most gifted. The lesson plan is the blueprint and sets up the foundation for educators to reach students with different learning styles.

Whether in a public or private school setting, more effective lesson planning can be achieved with practice. Strategic lesson planning can take a simple teacher's guide of content presentations and maximize learning for every student. The key to lesson planning lies in the combination of meta-analysis and current action research. If you use educational research while you are designing curriculums, you will produce more efficient and effective plans. A good lesson plan will address both today's high standards and the differentiated learning styles of the student.

To create a good lesson plan you must first identify and utilize the correct strategy for each lesson. Plan lessons that incorporate direct instruction to create questions designed to take students through the steps that lead to comprehension. It's also important to design indirect instruction to guide students to mastery by exploring the common attributes of concepts, terms, data and events. When you are designing curriculums it is important to make sure the program assists students in creating simple statements and questions that will enable them to preview, predict and identify relevant material while reading for meaning.

Another method used in education is pairing students to form learning partnerships that are mutually beneficial. It can be very effective for students to learn together in teams. Because the goal of strategic lesson planning is to raise achievement through structured learning processes, students can help each other by identifying key similarities and differences in concepts and tasks. Strategic lesson planning can be accomplished by presenting material in a way that calls for students to make informed decisions that can apply to many different content areas. The main way to reach students is to keep learning interesting.

Educators can optimize content mastery in the classroom through the use of games, tournaments and teams. There are other valuable ways to use different teaching styles in a lucrative way. Some key strategies for different content and skills include building reflective skills through note-taking, increase meaningful discussions, and engage multiple styles simultaneously.

Overall, it's important to remember that your lesson plan can result in two outcomes: it can make inherently interesting content less interesting, or it can make dull material appealing and interactive. The tools to change how your students view the material lie in the lesson planning. By incorporating interactive ways of learning, students will be more likely to get involved and therefore learn more efficiently. If you build and structure your plan in a way that takes the results of educational research and combine it with motivating strategies, you will have the ideal curriculum. Designing curriculums is an art form and a science. You need to use strategy, research, and creativity. A great deal of work and details go into the creation of a successful lesson plan, but the results are rewarding.

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Best preschool curriculum:The best kangaroo kids-kkblr



Best preschool curriculum:The best kangaroo kids-kkblr

By: santosh bhol


A typical preschool curriculum used in a Brookline childcare center, preschool or family daycare in Brookline will include activities that increase language and literary skills, as well as prepare children for math and science. Basic activities that foster these skills include identifying sizes, shapes, colors, and words, In addition, activities that focus upon developing the ability to recognize patterns and sequences in the form of numbers, shapes or letters should always be part of a preschool curriculum.

Enriched programs for kkblrs preschool children will include reading stories, drawing pictures, writing practice and telling stories aloud. These activities may seem like "play" but in fact, they prepare children for reading and strengthen their language skills. Given that much learning for older children requires a solid foundation in reading and language skills, parents should ascertain this is included in the curriculum used by their Brookline preschool program. In addition, family daycare in kkblr for preschoolers should also foster early math skills such as counting, recognizing patterns, shapes and categories. In some cases, children may even be introduced to the concept of telling time.

young children learn best through play. During the course of play, they learn social skills such as taking turns and working together, as well as absorbing the fundamentals of the lesson without even realizing that they are doing so. Further, this particular age group is most receptive to learning new skills; their brains are like sponges, eager to soak up all that they see, hear, and experience. It is for this reason that preschool programs are generally play based.

Preschool learning games are built into the curriculum to help foster these important lessons that will help children have a successful Kindergarten experience and, ultimately, a successful school career. Today’s preschool learning games include a number of activities such as ball play that fosters hand-eye coordination, writing games that further fine motor skills, physical games that help promote gross motor skills, card games to help encourage memory retention, and games focused on books to instill a love of reading and language. Many teachers will find creative ways to teach the basics such as ABC’s, mathematics, social science, and history through preschool learning games and fun play.

Additionally, the modern preschool environment will often utilize computers to incorporate preschool learning games. A host of computer programs geared to the preschool age teach a variety of essential lessons with the assistance of color graphics, lighthearted music, and recognizable characters to spark the interest of children.

When choosing a preschool, look for a curriculum that incorporates preschool learning games into daily activity. This first foray into a learning environment should be one that includes nurturing, fun, and activity. Research has shown us time and again that children respond to this type of environment and will retain a love for school and of learning that will follow them for a lifetime.

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Christian Homeschooling Curriculum


christian education

Christian Homeschooling Curriculum

By: Diana Jenkins


There are many reasons why someone would want to home school their children with a Christian homeschooling curriculum. A lot of homeschooling programs have some of the best programs available on the market. Some may even argue they are better than traditional school because of the extreme focus being put on one child. With most Christian programs for schooling children, you may find CD-ROMS used for educating the child. The students can benefit from grade specific texts. Just like any other traditional school, the curriculum is split up into certain grade levels. Most Christian homeschooling have a strong international emphasis. Some users of these types of programs find the work challenging and advanced, which could be seen as a good thing when you want your child to learn above the common lessons that are being taught in regular school.

There are many benefits and disadvantages to using Christian homeschooling curriculums. For the advantages, the child can learn at their own speed, but at the same time challenge themselves to more advanced material. As we all know, advanced learning is important when dealing with the real world and certain workplace environments. Most of these homeschooling programs cover all grades and is focused towards preparing the student for college. Even though these are all good things dealing with homeschooling, there are some disadvantages that should also be considered. For one, the student may become easily distracted at home than they would in a more traditional setting. Television, video games and interruptions are some challenges a child may face when being taught at home. Also, if the child does not grasp the material, they might need outside help. Sometimes, children may need a live tutor to help them besides a CD-ROM or computer based learning curriculum.

Christian homeschooling curriculums vary in cost, depending on the program and the specifics of the learning plans. Some programs charge on a monthly basis, which parents find more affordable and reasonable. I have seen some that only cost $100 a month, which seems like a reasonable price for students or guardians looking to school their children at home. However, if the child will need extra help for grasping the material, they may need an outside tutor or teacher to walk them through the learning plans. This can add on to the initial cost as another expense.


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Homeschooling programs are starting to become more popular by the moment as parents are becoming more unsatisfied with the school system. Overall, students can benefit from learning from home by working at their own speed and having extra help. The student will be able to learn more because the focus is being on just him or her instead of an entire classroom.

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Choosing the Best Homeschooling Curriculum For Your Child


child homeschooling

Choosing the Best Homeschooling Curriculum For Your Child

By: Diana Jenkins


Homeschooling has become a more popular option for many parents today. Homeschooling involves only your son or daughter and you or a tutor in the never-ending quest for knowledge. This gives the parent the chance to lead his son or daughter towards academic and social development. While this is a good option for you and your son or daughter, homeschooling your child presents a lot of logistical challenges. This article will describe how to get past one hurdle which is choosing a homeschooling curriculum that will serve your children best.

The curriculum best suited for your child is dependent on your child's current age, abilities and educational level. It is important to note that the curriculum should be tailored to your child's interests, capabilities and age because if not, the purpose of all this will be defeated. There are five key factors that one must consider in picking a good curriculum for your child.

1. Reading Comprehension and Communication Skills

This is one of the most basic lessons that any homeschooled child must take a good hold of. Every step of the way is based on this skill. Vocabulary, sentence construction, context clues and other subject matters are involved here. Communication too, is very important. Teaching your child to express himself well in both written and oral means is an essential lesson, especially in this fast-paced world. This will allow him to have good public relation skills.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

This is best taught by adding lessons in math and science to your child's homeschooling curriculum. Math and science encourages children to analyze problems and situations better and with insight. For example, giving math problems or teaching the scientific method to children and giving them a chance to apply it through experiments would teach them how to process information systematically and logically.

3. Values

As parents, we teach our children proper etiquette, manners and different values that help build their character. Incorporating this in the curriculum would help the child see meaning in the abstract things that he is taught. For example, teaching them the value of helping others would give meaning to the innovations they would think of in their science experiments.

4. Technology

What better way to help your child cope with the modern times but through equipping him with computer know-how? Basics such as word processing to advanced lessons such as web design and graphic design are some of the things worth teaching to your child.

5. Creativity and Art


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For most students, this part serves as a breather from all the theories and abstract facts learned in their other classes in the homeschooling curriculum you have chosen. Teaching art and allowing them to apply it will surely give their creativity a good jumpstart.

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Factual Tips To Help You Select A Homeschool Curriculum



Factual Tips To Help You Select A Homeschool Curriculum

By: Rudy Silva


As we all know, homeschool curriculum is a non-formal approach to education. There are many private schools that offer such kind of system. The course requirement may be different from public schools, but they still offer the course necessary to meet state graduation requirements.

Parents may have been skeptic about home schooling programs but recently, their opinions toward it have improved. With its numerous advantages, the decision whether to enroll their children in private school or under home school curriculum is tougher.

Among the benefits, you should consider the following:

Secure environment for their kids because they do not have to go out. They can study and learn their lesson at home or private home schools.

The home school curriculum packages are usually offered with home school books. This is beneficial to you because they no longer have to spend time looking for the suggested books of the school.

Home education is a recognized form of education. Any certificate or diploma which a student would receive from a homeschool institution will and is accepted in the society.

You can save money from the transportation costs. A homeschool student doesn't have to travel from their house to the school, thus, you would no longer have the transportation cost.

Other interesting subjects are offered in the package.

Pretest reviews are given to the students. With these, both you and students will know what to expect. Moreover, students would have the chance to go back to his notes and improve.

Homeschool curriculums are offered according to the school. Some may offer integrate bible study or religion, some may include culture study, and Linguistic and practical skills. All of these are offered together with other academic subjects.

According to homeschool curriculum review, the best school program is a balanced one. It should contain the most important academic subjects such as Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language. Aside from that, it should also offer subjects that could improve a person's skills and values.

Accordingly, a Christian program usually proposes different courses from that of a private school. In a Christian school, aside from the required academic subjects, religious studies are also incorporated.

What courses are offered in a private school? In this type of school, subjects vary according to the school's program. Some may add a little extra and some may not.

Some private schools follow a program with some religious studies. Some are purely academics. Likewise, some may offer additional skills and some may not.

Those that include religious understanding in their program believe that it is the best approach to shape someone's values and personality. Those who do not are maybe relying on the parents or simply believe that academics and religion should not be taught together.

So which approach is the best? Though online homeschool reviews and resources choose one from the other, this decision is still entirely dependent on your judgment. Just keep in mind, balance should always be present.

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